2020 ZC Minutes

 Please note, Minutes are not posted here until they have been adopted by the Zoning Commission

JULY 15, 2020

The Perry Township Zoning Commission held a regular meeting on July 15, 2020. Chairman Mark Welch, Chris Corfias and Nick Giegerich attended the meeting. Zoning Inspector Siegel, Township Trustee Rick Amos and Robert Winston, a community member also attended the meeting.

After Chairman Welch called the meeting to order, the board discussed the minutes from the February 13, 2019 meeting. There was not a vote to approve because there was not a quorum of those members who attended the meeting.

Next, the floor was opened for nominations for Zoning Board Chairman for the 2020 term. Nick Giegerich nominated Mark Welch to retain the chairman position. The nomination was seconded by Chris Corfias. There being no other nominations, Nick Giegerich made a motion to close the nominations and take a vote to retain Mark Welch as Zoning Board Chairman. Chris Corfias seconded the motion. POLL OF THE BOARD: 3 ayes. MOTION UNANIMOUS

Zoning Inspector Siegel gave the board an overview of the proposed Lane Rd. PUD. He said that there were some important items that needed to be addressed by the developer before he was ready to formally present his plan. Inspector Siegel also told the board about some projects in the village that are in various stages of planning, as well as, several lots along Rt. 84 in the Township that Knez Homes is developing. He said that Knez is working within the present zoning codes so this board would probably not be involved in those projects.

Rick Amos requested that the board consider adding regulations for garage sales within the Township to it’s agenda. He said that there are some people living in the Township that are running garage sales practically nine months out of the year, essentially running a business in their front yard and/or garage.

Rick Amos informed the board that ODOT will be hosting public hearings regarding Rt. 20 widening projects in the Township in the near future.

The board did not schedule it’s next meeting. There being no further business, Chris Corfias made a motion to adjourn the meeting and the move was seconded by Nick Giegerich. POLL OF THE BOARD: 3 ayes. MOTION UNANIMOUS. Chairman Welch adjourned the meeting.

(adopted January 27, 2021)