2016 Minutes (ZC)

Please note, Minutes are not posted here until they have been adopted by the Zoning Commission

February 10, 2016

The Perry Township Zoning Board held a public hearing, immediately followed by a regular meeting on Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Chairman Mark Welch, Art Zentgraf, Nick Giegerich, Chris Corfias and alternate member Tom Barrett attended the meeting. Trustee Rick Amos and community member Micky Zentgraf were also present.

Chairman Welch read the Lake County Planning Commission’s recommendations regarding text amendments to the zoning resolution creating section 411: Temporary Storage and Dumpster Units and amending section 700 to add definitions for “temporary outdoor storage unit” and “temporary outdoor dumpster unit”. There being no public input, Chris Corfias made a motion to close the public hearing portion of the meeting. The motion was seconded by Art Zentgraf. The motion was passed unanimously.

At the regular meeting the board discussed the recommendations of the planning commission. They did not agree with the planning commission’s recommendation that the PODs be prohibited in PUDs (planned unit developments). The board members believe that, as long as there is a suitable space to situate the POD, they should be allowed.

The board agreed that the amendments should be reviewed by the township solicitor and confirmed with Rick Amos that it is a part of the process. The board members affirmed their belief that a deposit is a necessary tool to ensure that the PODs/ Dumpsters are only used for the length of time that is necessary because some suppliers of these items do not collect their fee until the units are picked up or emptied.

A motion was made by Art Zentgraf to send the zoning amendments to the Perry Township Trustees for their review with a recommendation from the zoning board that the proposed amendments be approved. The motion was seconded by Tom Barrett. It was passed by unanimous decision.

The board does not have any open agenda items, so another meeting was not scheduled.

There being no further business, Nick Giegerich motioned to adjourn the meeting and the motion was seconded by Chris Corfias.

 (Minutes adopted March 29, 2017)