Public Notices and Announcements


The Perry Township Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a Public Hearing at the Perry Township Administrative Offices, 3740 Center Road, on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. to hear the following Appeal:

Appeal 01-17:  The variance is filed by Jason Coss, pertaining to property located at 4971 Webb Road, Permanent Parcel Number 03-A-050-B-00-006-0 and 03-A-050-B-00-005-0.  This property is located in an Estate Residential 2 (ER-2) Zoning District.  The applicant requests authorization from the Board of Zoning Appeals in regards to Section 301.03 Area, Setback and Height Regulations.  The applicant is requesting to build an addition to his current accessory building (22 X 22) that is 1,560 sq. ft.  Perry Township Zoning Resolution allows 1600 sq.ft. based on the property acreage.  The applicant is requesting a variance of 444 sq. ft. or 28%.


As per Resolution 2017-02 and 2017-03 adopted on January 10, 2017, the Perry Township Board of Trustees wild hold an internet auction beginning on Monday, March 20th through Monday, April 3, 2017, to sell various mowers and leaf blowers. The location of the auction is

Sale of any item or surplus property is on an “AS IS” basis without any warranty given or implied. The Trustees reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

Woods 3 point hitch finish mower min bid $1000.00
Tamper MBW jumping jack min bid $200.00
52 inch cut Encore Zero turn mower min bid $800.00
60 inch cut Encore Zero turn mower min bid $800.00
60 inch cut Encore Zero turn mower min bid $1200.00
52 inch cut Encore zero turn mower min bid $800.00
48 inch cut JD LT180 lawn tractor min bid $1500.00
Walk behind leaf blower Hurricane min bid $150.00
Walk behind leaf blower Giant vac min bid $150.00
Walk behind leaf blower Giant vac min bid $150.00
Walk behind leaf blower Giant vac min bid $75.00
Walk behind leaf blower Roto Hoe min bid $150.00
Walk behind leaf blower Roto Hoe min bid $150.00

Lake County General Health District – Sewer Treatment System Meeting Info (January 24, 2017; March 1, 2017)

LCGHD Memo – January 13, 2017

LCGHD Operation Permit Frequently Asked Questions

LCGHD Operation & Maintenance Requirements (New, Replacement and Alterations)

Board Opportunities (December 1, 2016)

From time to time, Perry Township has opportunities for residents to serve on different boards.  The openings are generally residents of the Township that are appointed by the Board of Trustees.  Some of the Boards included are the Perry Area Joint Recreation Board, the Zoning Commission, Perry Economic Development Council, Board of Zoning Appeals and the Perry Fall Festival.

If you would be interested in serving on a Board in the future, please send a letter of interest to the attention of Perry Township Administrator Walter R. Siegel.  We will keep it on file for when such an opening exists.

NOPEC Update (November 8, 2016)

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Change to the Perry Community’s electric aggregation supplier (November 3, 2016)

Our community is a member of the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC), which selected FirstEnergy Solutions to provide electric generation service to eligible participants at a savings of 6% off the utility’s generation rate for residents and 4% off for small businesses.

After negotiations between the groups failed, FirstEnergy Solutions provided notice to NOPEC that they would be ending their contract with them.

For answers to frequently asked questions, click here.