Park Regulations


2815 Perry Park Rd., Perry, OH 44081

Phone: (440) 259-5957 Fax: (440) 259-1894

PARK OPENS ½ HR. BEFORE SUNRISE; CLOSES ½ HR. AFTER SUNSET (except campers and boaters)

  1. A gate card and/or boat permit must be obtained from the Park Manager at the Perry Township Park Office to gain access to the camping and watercraft facilities. A $25.00 refundable Deposit will be charged for the gate card. A $25.00 nonrefundable fee will be charged for the boat permit.
  2. No launching of boats or other marine vehicles, except by Perry residents or authorized campers displaying a valid boat permit. Jet skis and similar vehicles shall not be operated within three hundred (300) feet of the beach on the east side of the boat dock. Jet skis may be docked on the east side of the boat dock only.
  3. Alcoholic beverages, firearms, weapons, and fireworks are strictly prohibited. Anyone caught with any of the previously mentioned will be asked to leave the park and/or the proper authorities will be contacted.
  4. All pets must be leashed and attended to at all times. Unleashed, barking and/or unruly dogs are not permitted on the grounds. Pets are not allowed in picnic area or in park buildings. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.
  5. An adult must accompany small children to restrooms and play area. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children.
  6. One-way traffic, speed limit, and parking signs must be observed. All pedestrians have the right of way.
  7. The Park Manager, Perry Township Administrator or Perry Rec Director will handle all scheduling of ball diamonds and tennis courts. Driving, parking, and bicycles are strictly prohibited from baseball fields.
  8. No excessive or disturbing noises shall be permitted at any time. Quiet must be maintained after 11:00 p.m. Violators may be asked to leave the park without return of camping or boater fees.
  9. Camping available May 1st through November 1st. All camping trailers and tents must be removed from park by November 1st. Camping permits shall be issued by the day, week, or month in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by the Perry Township Trustees.
  10. Please see Park Manager BEFORE setting up units. Only registered campers may occupy campsites.
  11. Campfires must be in provided fire rings or cookers. No burning of any plastics, metals, bottles, cans, or treated wood. (Please extinguish fire before retiring). No sewerage or water disposal in camp areas. Use of air conditioners and electric heaters is strictly prohibited.
  12. Keep your camping area clean of litter and items that will hinder lawn maintenance.
  13. Only one (1) vehicle allowed per campsite except primitive sites where vehicles are only permitted while loading and unloading. Primitive camping vehicles and all boats must be parked in the boat ramp over flow parking area. Visitors may park in the main lot. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  14. All vehicles, boats, campers, tents, and camping equipment shall be promptly removed upon expiration of the permit. If any vehicle, camper, tent, or other camping equipment remains on the property after expiration of the permit, additional charges shall be imposed at the daily rate. Any vehicle, camper, tent, or other camping equipment left for more than seven (7) days after expiration of the permit shall be deemed abandoned and the Perry Township Trustees are authorized to sell any such items at public or private sale without notice to the owner. The proceeds of any such sale shall be applied first to the cost of removal, storage, and sale, next to the satisfaction of any amount owing to the Perry Township Trustees, and the balance, if any, upon request shall be paid over to the former owner of the abandoned items. If not claimed within ninety (90) days, the balance shall be forfeited and transferred to Perry Township’s General Fund.
  15. The Park Manager, Perry Township Trustees and/or Perry Township Administrator are authorized to enforce these regulations. Anyone violating these regulations may be required to vacate the park, in which case there will be no refund of fees or deposit paid. In the event of serious or repeated violations, the Perry Township Trustees may deny future camping or boating privileges.
  16. As of the 2005 camping season, there is no longer primitive seasonal camping. Primitive camping will be permitted for overnight or weekend camping only.
  17. No commercial businesses may sell any goods or services at Perry Township Park without written permission from the Township Administrator. The Township Administrator shall not grant such permission unless the Administrator determines that the sale of any such goods or services will not disrupt the operations of the Park or create any kind of safety hazard. Further, the Township Administrator shall not grant permission to any business or entity that is selling its goods or services for its own profit making purposes. The public park shall not be used for commercial activities of third parties unless the commercial activities are sponsored by the Township or by the Park or by associations or teams that are holding tournaments or events at the park as is set forth below.

Subject to the above conditions, associations or teams that are holding tournaments or events at the park may employ photographers or businesses that sell T-shirts or other items that are directly related to the tournament or event. Any such business shall apply in writing for permission to sell said items and then the business shall comply with any rules that are established for their event by the Administrator.



rev 06/24/10