Natural Gas/NOPEC Information

The Opt-Out Process for your Natural Gas Account

Staying as a member of NOPEC:

You are automatically included in NOPEC and its designated supplier, unless you choose not to be. Therefore, if you decide to stay with NOPEC, you need not do anything. Ohio’s natural gas law has what is called an “opt-out” provision. By Perry Township’s status as an aggregated community, eligible residents are part of the buying group unless they take specific action to opt out of the aggregation.
Those remaining in the program are enrolled for a period of two years, after which a new opt-out process will take place. Consumers who wish to leave before the two-year period has expired may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Finding a natural gas provider on your own:

If you opt out you are free to find another natural gas supplier independently. Once you have opted out, you are no longer a NOPEC member and may sign with any natural gas provider you choose. You will not be able to re-join NOPEC for two years. Weekly updates of provider prices is located here