Minutes 2022

Please note, Minutes are not posted here until they have been adopted by the Board of Trustees


The Perry Township Board of Trustees held their Regular Meeting on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. Present were Chairman Dawson, Vice Chrmn. Amos, Trustee Steele, Administrator Sundy and those whose names appear on the attached attendance sheet.

The News Herald was advised of this meeting according to law.

Chrmn. Dawson opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mark Welch provided an update for the school board.

Trustee Steele moved and Vice Chairman Amos seconded to approve Minutes of the December 28, 2021 meeting. POLL OF BOARD: 3 Ayes. MOTION UNANIMOUS.

Fiscal Officer Page advised that current work is now year-end and new year start-up.

Chairman Dawson recognized Administrator Sundy who opened discussion regarding the Township’s subsidy to the Perry Area Joint Recreation District. Trustee Steele moved and Vice Chrmn. Amos seconded to approve a $10,000 subsidy to PAJRD to be applied to senior programming. POLL OF BOARD: 3 Ayes. MOTION UNANIMOUS.

Chrmn. Dawson advised regarding the ARPA and COPS grants in relation to increased Sheriff’s Department patrols in the Township. Information provided by the Ohio Township Association effectively sanctioned use of ARPA funds for contracting with the Sheriff’s Department.

Vice Chairman Amos provided a PAJRD update including planning commencement for the Fall Festival.

Chrmn. Dawson advised that the Fire Board is considering a new levy for consideration in Spring, 2022.

Chrmn. Dawson presented TFO Page with a $60,000.00 revenue sharing check from the Perry Economic Development District and asked that the same be credited to the General Fund until further notice.

North Perry resident, Larry Reichard, inquired regarding PAJRD subsidies from North Perry Village and Perry Village. Mr. Reichard also advised that the snow plowing done by Township personnel has gone well so far.

Chrmn. Dawson advised that the OTA conference will take place in person this year and that the Board and Administrator are expecting to attend.

There being nothing further, Trustee Steele moved and Vice Chrmn. Amos seconded to adjourn the meeting. POLL OF BOARD: 3 Ayes. MOTION UNANIMOUS.

(Adopted January 25, 2022)