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Public Officials

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Rick C. Amos, Trustee
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Nancy L. Steele, Trustee
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Robert J. Dawson, Trustee
Verdi Photography-1729-2Christine J. Page, Fiscal Officer
 Last updated January 25, 2022


POLICING  (Posted January 24th) 

In 2021 Perry Township was able to utilize one-time American Rescue Act Funds to enter a funds matching contract with the Lake County Commissioners for limited policing through Lake County Sheriff’s Department. The current COPS agreement requires us to identify a continuing funding source to keep patrolling going beyond the first two years. We have had residents and business owners express their desire for a full-time permanent police presence. We will be establishing a community committee to address this challenge in the new year. Here you will find monthly activity reports that will be provided by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department Click here.

Click here to read the Senior Center Newsletter (posted January 4th)

Yard Waste Drop-Off is CLOSED for the season. Yard waste will open back up in April (posted November 30)


Click here FOR THE MOST RECENT UPDATE ON ILLUMINATING COMPANY *letter sent out 10/27/21*

Click here FOR  NEWS-HERALD ARTICLE  (August 29th)

Your Township Trustees and Administration met with The Illuminating Company officials on Thursday, August 19th to gather information on the energy reliability issues we have been having in our community.

The first message we want to get out to the community is to ALWAYS report when you have a power outage or voltage issue at your residence.  This is the primary way they know that an outage actually exists.  Also, these calls are important for them to log the frequency of outages in specific locations.  We have this information on our website.  The number to call to report an outage is 1-888-544-4877.

The Illuminating Company has many items on their work list that are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year to pinpoint problem areas within their infrastructure.  Some of these items include:

  • L-3-Q1 line inspections

  • L-4-Q1 line inspections

  • Complete circuit inspections

In regards to their tree trimming schedule, this is done every four years in each community.  Perry is on the schedule to be completed in 2022.  The Illuminating Company has placed us on the schedule for First Quarter 2022

Please keep in mind that the items listed above are all related to overhead lines.  The underground cable developments present an extraordinary dynamic.  The only way to determine if there are problems with underground cables is when and if there are faults/failures.  We have reached out for specific facts and figures that will allow us to make specific recommendations for solutions to reliability problems with underground cabling.

Please be assured that your Township Trustees are taking an active role in this situation and anticipate ongoing meetings.  We have expressed our concern with the infrastructure reliability and are requesting this be given serious consideration and resolution.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

The Lake County Emergency Management Agency is conducting a survey for public input for their 2022 Hazard Mitigation Plan Click here to learn more (posted July 26th)

UPDATED REVERSE 911 SYSTEM (posted January 13th)

Click here to update your phone number with the Lake County EMA.

COVID-19 Data, Vaccine Updates & Resources (posted January 7th)

Click here to go to the Lake County General Health District website for updates. This information is changing daily, and local information will be updated regularly on this site.

US-20 Project from SR-2 to Townline Road (posted October 16th)

Click here for the link to the ODOT page that explains the project in more detail.

Board Opportunities

From time to time, Perry Township has opportunities for residents to serve on different boards.  The openings are generally residents of the Township that are appointed by the Board of Trustees.  Some of the Boards included are the Perry Area Joint Recreation Board, the Zoning Commission, Perry Economic Development Council, Board of Zoning Appeals and the Perry Fall Festival.

If you would be interested in serving on a Board in the future, please send a letter of interest to the attention of the Perry Township Administrator.  We will keep it on file for when such an opening exists.