Welcome to Perry Township

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Public Officials

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Rick C. Amos, Trustee
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Nancy L. Steele, Trustee
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Robert J. Dawson, Trustee
Verdi Photography-1729-2Christine J. Page, Fiscal Officer
 Last updated August 22, 2019



Perry Fall Festival – Sept. 7th (posted Aug. 20th)

Click here for schedule of events

Lake County Utilities Flushing Notice – (posted Aug. 15th)

The Lake County Utilities will be conducting dead end fire hydrant flushing in Perry Village, Perry Township and North Perry Village from August 19th thru August 29th.  Click here for the flushing schedule and updates.

Construction Update – Vrooman Road Bridge Replacement (posted Aug. 2nd)

Beginning on Tuesday, August 6th, the following traffic impacts will begin for roadway construction:

SR 84 at Lane Rd. will be restricted to one lane by a temporary traffic signal.
River Rd. at SR 84 will be closed permanently.  All traffic wishing to use River Rd. will be directed to use Adams Rd.
Lane Rd. at Shepard Rd. will be closed to southbound traffic.  The southbound detour will be Shepard Rd. to SR 84. Northbound traffic on Lane Rd. at Shepard Rd. will remain open.

Senior Citizens Beware (posted July 26th)

The Trustees have been advised of a Medicare card scam that is occurring in our area. Scammers impersonating Medicare employees have been calling senior citizens requesting personal information such as a date of birth or Social Security number to upgrade your Medicare card from a paper to a plastic card which Medicare doesn’t actually offer.

What the scammers really want, of course, is to get personal or financial information for the purposes of identity theft or outright theft. To thwart a Medicare card scam, follow some basic precautions.

*Don’t share your Medicare or Social Security number (or other personal information) with anyone who contacts you out of the blue by phone or email, or shows up unannounced at your door.

*Don’t send or give your old Medicare card to anyone. Impostors may claim you need to return it. The government doesn’t need your old card back and recommends that you destroy it.

*Don’t believe a caller is a Medicare employee simply because he or she knows some information about you. Scammers will have done their homework.

Vrooman Road Girder Delivery (posted May 22nd)

Lake County Engineer James R. Gills has announced that beginning Thursday, May 23, 2019, Great Lakes Construction will be receiving delivery of the steel girders needed for the construction of the Vrooman Road Bridge project.  A start time has not been provided.  The deliveries, which will initially be from the south side off of I-90, will continue for approximately the next two months.

The girders are approximately 100′ in length.  Drivers are asked to use caution, be patient and expect delays when they are driving near the delivery trucks.

U.S. 2020 Census Takers needed (posted May 15th)

Census takers are needed in the Perry area.  Part time positions pay $16.00 per hour and $0.58 per mile.  Hours are flexible. Click here to apply online or call 1-855-JOB-2020 for more information or help applying.

Vrooman Road Bridge Construction (posted Dec. 21, 2018)

Click here to watch live cam.

Board Opportunities

From time to time, Perry Township has opportunities for residents to serve on different boards.  The openings are generally residents of the Township that are appointed by the Board of Trustees.  Some of the Boards included are the Perry Area Joint Recreation Board, the Zoning Commission, Perry Economic Development Council, Board of Zoning Appeals and the Perry Fall Festival.

If you would be interested in serving on a Board in the future, please send a letter of interest to the attention of the Perry Township Administrator.  We will keep it on file for when such an opening exists.